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CORFORM design and manufacture sports accessories. Promoting the craft tradition is an extremely important element of our company's strategy. Most of the designs that are being created in our workshops, are made with a lot of manual work, maintaining traditional carpentry techniques. Each structural element and every stage of production is based on multi-generational knowledge. Vanishing or long forgotten woodworking techniques are constantly nurtured and developed, to give each item a unique character. Preservation and cultivation of the local craft tradition by archiveing both, techniques and tools of the carpentry industry, is at the basis of our company's general philosophy. Our main materials, from which we create, is wood and metal. One of the new additions in our productions is leather. Paradoxically, in many ways, it is very similar to wood. We are planning to create lines of balls, goats and punching bags made from grain leather. At the moment we are at the prototype stage and I believe that we will soon introduce new products that will make the training time for all the connoisseur enthusiasts even more enjoyable.

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